What are the application of environmentally friendly paper trays in various industries?

The environmental protection paper tray has a wide range of applications. With the advancement of paper mold technology, the medium and small industrial products that use foam as the inner lining packaging can basically be replaced by paper trays.

Customers can fold and install it by themselves according to the pressed traces when they buy it at home, which not only reduces the cost during transportation, but also can experience the fun of doing it with their family and children during the installation and combination process. The product range has involved daily furniture, office equipment, soft decorations, etc.

1. Flame retardant: The green environmental protection flame retardant layout and high-quality flame retardant paper are used as the veneer.


2. Waterproof: The green environmental protection waterproof paint is used, and the exquisite products use the sealing primer, which can form a dense paint film, so that water molecules cannot penetrate into it.


3. Strong force: all products adopt structural design, and design the structure to meet the functional requirements, that is, compare the effect of external action on the structure with the resistance of the structure itself, so as to achieve the purpose of safe and economical structural design.

Post time: Jun-20-2022