• The Development Trend Of Pulp Molding Products In Our Company

    Our company has been growing in the pulp molding products industry for 6 years, during which great progress has been made. In particular, environmentally friendly packaging products and disposable environmentally friendly tableware have been widely used, but there are still many limitations in th...
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  • The Production Process Of Our Company

    The production of Pulp molded general includes pulp preparation, molding, drying, hot pressing and other processes. 1. Pulp preparation Pulping includes the three steps of raw material dredging, pulping and pulping. Firstly, the primary fiber is dredged in the pulper after screening and classifi...
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  • At Present, There Are Several Specific Problems In The Development Of Pulp Moulding Technology

    (1) According to the existing technological level, the thickness of molded pulp products is roughly between 1 and 5mm, and the thickness of general products is about 1.5mm. (2) According to the current quality and application of molded pulp packaging products, the maximum carrying load can be up ...
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