What matters should be paid attention to when purchasing the packaging?

What should you pay attention to when purchasing paper tray packaging? The usage rate of paper tray packaging is very high nowadays, and we have a lot to pay attention to in the face of different paper tray packaging suppliers. Today, Dingtian paper tray packaging will introduce to you what should be paid attention to in paper tray packaging?


1. The source of raw materials for paper tray packaging is whether it is an environmentally friendly material and whether it is harmful to the environment.


2. The production cycle of proofing mold for paper tray packaging is about 15 days, starting from mold design, mold opening, and providing samples.


3. For the inspection standard of the paper tray, the manufacturer may be required to provide a quality inspection form.


4. The cushioning effect of Zhongshan paper tray packaging is reflected by the elastic deformation of the paper wall when it is impacted.


5. The thickness and load-bearing of paper tray packaging products, the thickness of paper tray products is between 0.8-1.2mm, generally 1mm.

Post time: Jan-31-2023