Features Of Pulp Packaging

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Packaging runs through the whole supply chain system from raw materials, procurement, production, sales and use, and is related to human life. With the continuous implementation of environmental protection policies and the enhancement of consumers’ environmental protection intentions, pollution-free ”green packaging” has received more and more attention. Plastic products, especially foamed polystyrene (EPS), have advantages in low price and good performance, and are widely used in the packaging field. It will destroy the environment and cause “white pollution”.

Pulp molding products are primary fiber or secondary fiber as the main raw material, and the fiber is dehydrated and formed by special mold, and then dried and integrated to get a kind of packaging material. It is easy to get the raw materials, no pollution in the production process, the products have advantages in anti-seismic, buffering, breathable and anti-static performance. It is also recyclable and easy to be degraded, so it has a broad application prospect in the packaging field of electronic industry, daily chemical industry, fresh and so on.

Post time: Oct-27-2020