The Development Trend Of Pulp Molding Products In Our Company

Our company has been growing in the pulp molding products industry for 6 years, during which great progress has been made. In particular, environmentally friendly packaging products and disposable environmentally friendly tableware have been widely used, but there are still many limitations in the development of pulp molded products of our company.

(1) Although pulp molding products have developed for many years, the market utilization rate is not high, one of the important reasons is that the cost of the mold is too high, some manufacturers in the design of the mold will consider how to make it have good versatility, to increase the use rate of the mold, reduce the cost. For example, the commonly used cored liner, Angle guard, baffle, etc., because the number of production, large batch, resulting in the high utilization of these molds, greatly reduce its cost, which is rarely considered by Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, mold design and preparation is an important development direction. In recent years, our company plans to gradually put into the design and production of molds. Hopefully in the next few years to achieve our own mold production.

(2) Insufficient research on slurry preparation, will lead to the production of pulp plastic products can not meet some special physical properties, so can not meet the actual needs.In order to improve product quality, our factory directly uses the original pulp such as wood pulp, bamboo pulp, sugarcane pulp, resulting high costs. Therefore, our company will strengthen the research and development of pulp molding products raw materials, and to a certain extent, increase the recycling and use of waste paper boxes, waste paper and other secondary fibers, so as to achieve the real sense of environmental protection.

(3) Due to the complex structure of molded pulp products used for industrial products, there is no effective post-treatment,resulting in uneven dyeing, easy to fade, hair loss, single form and other phenomena in the molded pulp products factory for industrial products, which seriously affects its application. It is hoped that situation can be improved by adding effective post-treatment process in the future, so as to make its application more widely.

(4) At present, pulp molding products is difficult to be used as a cushion for large size products, such as refrigerator, air conditioners and other heavy household appliances. How to improve its mechanical strength through sizing optimization, equipment improvement, mold design and combination with other environmental protection materials to meet the needs of large size products, which is also an important direction of the development of paper-plastic packaging materials.

Post time: Nov-04-2020