Capacitance Pen Tray

Short Description:

The capacitance pen holder is usually used to hold the capacitance pen, making the package simple and beautiful.Suitable for internal packaging to separate products and accessories

Our productions have advantages in the shockproof, environmental protection, price, anti-static. Welcome to work with us.

Other styles,please contact us to customization!

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1.The trays can be made for every specification of capacitance pens.
2.The appropriate strength can fix the position of the pen to prevent collisions.
3.We make the packing products as your samples or your design fully.
4.If you need, the tray can also have an anti-static function.
5.We produce 100% green products, raw materials can be recycled to protect the environment.
6.The paper molds are stacked and convenient for transportation and storage, which helps to reduce transportation costs.

Applications: For capacitance pen,pen.

Product parameters:

Origin : China
Raw materials: Sugarcane pulp, wheat pulp, bamboo pulp, etc.
Thickness: Generally no more than 1.5mm.
Weight and size: Customer request.
Shape: According to the structure of products.
Design: Customer ask or we help to design.
Packaging: Polyethylene bag+standard export carton or according to your requirements.
Advantage: Environmental and biodegradable.

Competitive advantages:

1.We have more than 6 years experience of production,we’ll also provide good after-sale service for you.
2. We have a clean production environment, and we have enough labor force to fulfill the order in time or in advance.
3. There are lots of raw material suppliers near our factory, it is convenient to procurement raw materials.

Processing steps: Mold design→Beat the pulp→Wet embryo shape→wet press→Trimming→Screening→Packaging→warehousing

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