Cell Phone Pulp Tray

Short Description:

Mobile phone paper trays are good at shockproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, etc. The method of production includes wet pressure and dry pressure.

The paper tray is generally located in the inner package. It is used to fix the location of the phone, prevent the phone from knocking.We have designed several brands of paper holders for mobile phones, which can be designed more quickly and skillfully for your mobile phone.

Other styles,please contact us to customization!

Product Detail


Product Tags

1. Through the mold to create a variety of specifications, complex shape of products, so that it can adapt to the shape of various cell phones, easy to isolate positioning, prevent collision.
2. Has appropriate strength and stiffness, which makes it have good protection and buffering.
3. Can also be created with flame retardant, anti-static and other properties.
4. Wide range of raw materials and waste utilization, with obvious social benefits.
5. Paper moulds can be stacked to facilitate handling, storage and recovery, which is conducive to reducing transportation costs.

Function:Protect electronic products from collisions,and make the goods have high-end packaging.
 Raw materials:  sugarcane pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, etc
Thickness:  not more than 1.2mm
Weight and size: according to customer's requirement
Shape: According to product structure
Design: customer request or we help design
Packing:PE bag+standard export carton or as your request
Advantage:Environmental and biodegradable

Mainly used for holding all kinds of mobile phone tray packaging, service for mobile phone storage and packaging and transportation security.

The production process:


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